Rant & Rave: Who did this to my car?!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the woman who told the police officer “I didn’t know I hit a car” after she drove into my parked vehicle and left the scene. Rave to the witness of the hit-and-run who left me the license-plate number, and the post-office employees who were able to retrieve their building’s surveillance video for me and the police to get proof of the accident. My new car door has been ordered.

RAVE For a local couple who, in the face of a very serious health crisis for one, started a wave of intentional living, inspiring friends and family around the country to a series of kind acts including paying for coffee for the car behind you, fostering children, bringing food to a homeless person, teaching their children to pay it forward and any number of random, beautiful acts of kindness. Even as we worry for the person facing the possibility of an early death, all of us lucky enough to be in his circle are feeling inspired, more charitable, more patient, more humble and more invested in our communities, because if you’re going to live, you might as well live with intention.

RANT To the drive-in burger-place employee who examined my 7-year-old Afro-American granddaughter’s two $5 bills under a light to verify they weren’t counterfeit. From my experience there as an Euro-American person, they’ve never examined my $5 bills.

RAVE To the grocery checkout clerk who gave me a bouquet of fresh flowers after finding out that I’m a furloughed Forest Service employee. His kindness and compassion made my day. I happily shared with my employees that there are people out there who are truly concerned about us and making sure we’re appreciated!

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RANT AND RAVE Rant to the couple behind me at the opera who incorrectly assumed I was wearing perfume. Instead of repeatedly audibly commenting about husband’s scent sensitivity, it’s sometimes better to suffer in silence about something you can’t control or solve, rather than distracting your perceived persecutor during an event. Please stop! Rave to me for saying something to you nicely, calmly and directly after the performance. I’d worked on it since intermission.

RAVE To the EMTs who took care of my husband after a fall from our roof with a huge amount of competence, kindness and caring. They were wonderful attending to me, his wife, too. And rave for the trauma team at Harborview. Everyone there comforted me as well as my husband as they worked on him, making a very bad situation better. Thanks so much.

RAVE AND RANT Raves to the all the bus, light-rail and train drivers who move us around the region quickly and efficiently. Rant to those who pump the brakes and throttle quickly, creating an uncomfortable ride for those of us who have to stand.

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