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Tickbox is an International agency, committed to sharing the very best talent with events around the world, large and small. We have a substantial database of professional, passionate and perfectly quirky performers, longing to entertain your guests. The quality of service received when working with our Tickbox team of troupers WILL BE WORTH SHOUTING ABOUT!

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This amazingly unique walkabout is perfect for so many different types of fun events. Make your event a little bit wild with these beautiful creatures. These athletic beasts mischievously mingle with your guests bringing surprise and hilarity.

They can transform into a wide range of creatures including cats, dogs, deer, rabbits, and our personal favourites, unicorns!
Watching these creatures transform is truly spectacular and the detail of the artwork is second to none. You have the choice of performers being body-painted on the day, or wearing full costumes. Both options are wildly cool.

Let us know about your event and we can suggest additional acts to work in perfect harmony with these Humanimals.

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Snow Whites

Beautifully white and wintery, these towering beauties will add a touch of frost to your event (baskets of snow available!)

Perfect for seasonal dos, as well as black and white events, parties and parades - these ladies are every inch a fairytale, creating the irresistible charm of a magical winter wonderland.


LED Mirror Mirror Show

Steam, thousands of mirrors, lasers, poi… what more could you possibly want from a stage performance?

This show is suitable for both indoor and outdoor stages, night or day. LEDs will light up your night, whilst mirrors, beads and holographic fabric will turn your daytime into a magical, shiny spectacle.

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Epic Wings

A dramatic dance performance perfectly choreographed to an emotive sound track. This is a very popular act with stunning LED costumes and programmable LED spinning poi.

Additional dancers can be added to create a super sized, high-impact performance for a larger space.

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Royalty at Sea

Invite these gentle folk to charm your guests and ride the waves of your event. King Neptune and his beautiful mermaid add magic to your themed party or mall activation.

They’ll be the catch of the day! Ask them to lead the crowd to the main attraction, or pose for some silly selfies.


Duo CYR Wheel

This performance is simply stunning with one, or two talents - see 'Solo CYR Wheel' page for a 1-man show.

The rhythmic romanticism of this dancing wheel is beautiful for a stage show and a great opener for any event.

Your guests won't believe the level of skill and acrobatic art displayed - a perfect marriage of music and sheer talent.

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Mighty Monochromes

Developed with influences of jazz, yoga and Clockwork Orange, the Mighty Monochromes move with slow, sensuous, sculptural power.

They goad your guests with rhythmic, magnetic movement and always seem to be up to something - keep a close eye on your belongings and hold on to your hat! Book up to 5 of these mighty beasts for optimum effect!


Mirror Man Boogie

Mirror man Boogie is perfect for both corporate and party entertainment, and this act will have your guests reaching for their cameras to post, post, post!

They are incredibly sociable and have killer dance moves! They meet and greet, mix and mingle, statue, and work the room with confidence and pizzazz. We have two mirrored studs available - double the boogie, double the fun.


Love Bells

Ding Dong! Love is in the air. The luscious Love Belles swing and sway into everyone’s heart. This romantic walkabout has enormous impact and is full of fun.

Perfect for valentine events, weddings and festivals.


Blue Belles

The glory of Spring is in the air. Charming, elegant, and beautiful, The Blue Belles bring seasonal delights and mystical meadows to your event.

The Blue Belles are magical as well as beautiful and represents everlasting love, making them perfect for Spring/Summer parties, outdoor festivals, weddings and mall activations.


Dazzling Dragons

Book up to four dazzling Dragons to elevate your event. These vibrant characters are a perfect walkabout act to celebrate any colourful occasion. Fun and cheeky, with a carnival feel, the Dragons are bright and beautiful. They switch it up between high-energy prancing and sculptural stillness.

Beware! The Dragons are very interested in the contents of your bag, your pockets or even your sandwiches. These cheeky chappies know no boundaries!


Bubble Spheres

Our world class Bubble Sphere contortionists create a visually stunning event backdrop, on water or land.

Other acts, such as musicians, ribbon dancers, hula artists and contact jugglers can also perform inside spheres. Let your imagination run wild, and let us create something perfectly unique for your event.

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Lobster and Cart

You may have to do a double take as this huge crustacean rolls toward you on wheels, tickling with his tentacles. This is a hugely popular and needless to say, unique roaming act. This sea creature is pulled by another quirky character, arriving with style and intrigue to amuse your unexpecting guests.

This is perfect for outdoor spaces, or large exhibition centres – festivals, mall activations, sporting events, fanzones… there aren’t many events that a huge inflatable, LED lobster and cart wouldn’t fit right in!

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LED Jugglers

Add a glowing twist to your juggling act. These high tech LED clubs and balls, as well as customisable colour changing hats, will add something a little bit special to your event.

Book a solo juggler, or a duo to entertain your guests as a walkabout act, or for meet and greet interactive sets.

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Anyone for some punting?? The University boy’s boat drifts through busy crowds, as they regale and serenade the public.
This is a wonderfully unique and quintessentially English walkabout that oozes charm and surrealism.

This promenade performance is based on an adapted electric vehicle which can cover quite a large area if required. It works as a charming image glimpsed from a distance – as well as a character based, comic interaction at closer range. Take a punt at some casual banter with these brilliantly bolshie boys.

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Neon LED Show

A dynamic, vibrant performance guaranteed to impress your guests. The neon LED dancers and pixel poi are choreographed to the music to create an energetic, high-tempo show.

Logos, branding, messages and bespoke images can be programmed into the LED poi, especially for your event.

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Emerald Story Fire Show

This show combines theatre and fire, resulting in an incredible spectacle. The talented performers play with balls of fire effortlessly, in this perfectly choreographed act. The Emerald Story has an Irish theme, follow our leprechaun protagonist on his mystical journey.

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Shadow Show/3D Shadow Show

Shadows, coupled with music and superior talent, can create beautiful stories. Our mesmerising performances will transport your guests to another world, where human movement can craft characters and set new scenes. These acts build bridges over culture and language and relay stories for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

Also available in 3D, these fantastic shows are truly inspirational and we’re proud to be affiliated with the best in the business. This theatre combine light and dark, esteemed acting, and acrobatics to tell tales, often from famous films, TV series and cartoons. Tell us your favourite, and see it on the shadow screen.

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Aerial Violinist

Soaring strings – a stunning, awe inspiring aerial violin display!

Let our musical talent wow the crowds from above with beautiful music, costumes and choreography. This performer can hang effortlessly from the sky or, alternatively, from a free standing frame if your venue doesn’t allow for such great heights!

Equally effective and delightful outside or in, this act is ideal for warming your guests up for a magical evening, or as part of a larger stage production/musical performance.

Not enough sky high drama? This girl knows no bounds, as she can fly above crowds on a harness, somersaulting and gliding through the air! Let us know how far and high you wish to fly with your magical musical performance.


Cubox LED Show

Cubox LED is a high-tech performance, perfect for larger spaces and arenas.

The show includes amazing LED dancers, laser manipulation and a dynamic led spinning cube performance, which is beautifully manipulated around the artist's body.

The illuminating, custom LED dresses, poi and cube are programmed to the music to create an electric atmosphere.

Your guests jaws will drop to the floor when this chrome reflects the light and becomes a beautiful optical illusion as it spins. The whole cube lights up, taking this already impressive stage show to another level!

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